Homemade Fascia Blaster Alternative DIY

Fascia blasting is a super powerful and effective tool for sculpturing your body. It will help you on every step along your journey to a good-looking body. Regardless of either you’re trying to reduce your postpartum overhang belly, beat cellulite or to blast off last stubborn fat cells on your “almost” perfect six-pack, you will see results from blasting.

About fascia blaster

Photo source: fasciablaster.com On the photo: Ashley Black

The creator of Fasciablasting is Ashley Black “Guru”. You can find everything on the topic on her website fasciablaster.com including fascia blaster reviews, as well as order the original fascia blaster and related products.

If you want to know my opinion about “does the fascia blaster really work”? Yes it does. But you can also check numerous videos on YouTube, including astonishing before and after photos. And don’t trust reviews from Amazon, as none of them from verified purchase and it all seems like a competitor’s paid campaign to discredit the product. As well as other fascia blaster scam claims and complaints that after some deeper research showed to be based on nothing.

 N.B. I have no affiliation with Ashley Black or her products, just sharing my research on the topic of fascia rollers and their effectiveness before deciding if I want to try one.

But if you landed on this page on purpose, you know that fascia blaster is expensive (around 100$ with shipping and tax). If you can’t pay that price, but really want to be able to fascia blast. You have two cheaper alternatives:

  • To use fascia blasting technique with stick roller or/and octopus hand massagers, that are readily available for purchase, like this one or this one, or…
  • To make your own fat and connective tissue roller that will perform similarly to original and will cost at list 3 times less.

The second option seemed more attractive to me. So I started to search for ideas on how I can make my own fascia roller for cellulite.  And I can tell you, I was very pleased with the end result. Hopefully, you will be too.

How to make your own fascia roller


  • Wooden rod – I used handle from toilet plunger. I bought mine at Walmart for 3-4$. The closest thing I found on Amazon is this one. But to be sure that everything will fit perfectly, here’s measurements of my rod: Length – 18’’ (45.5cm), Diameter – 7/8’’ (2.2cm), Circumference – 2 3/4’’ (7cm)

I read that some people have used broom sticks for that purpose also successfully. But you will need to cut it to desired length. I find length anywhere between 18 and 20’’ to be optimal.

  • Three octopus hand massagers – I used these.  You won’t know the color of massagers until you receive them and the shipping is long, but it’s the cheapest option. Check other offers on these massager too as they change constantly.
  • Bicycle handles (for kids bikes) These handles fit my rod like they were created for it. Plus they come in many colors so you can choose your favorite or the one matching massagers you will get.
  • Fender washers 6 pcs. – for these octopus massagers 3/16’’x 1 ¼’’ fender washers are the perfect fit. You can buy them at any hardware store or online here, or you, probably, have them already.
  • Flat screws 1 ½’’ and nuts – You need 3 flat screws and 3 nuts. I used screws that left from previous project, but I would say #6 screws like these should be a good fit for the purpose.


  • Power drill
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench or pliers

How to assemble your fascia massager:

  • Remove rubber head from a plunger stick
  • Slip bike handles on the stick.
  • Unscrew heads from octopus massagers
  • Measure center of the stick and mark it with the pencil.
  • Position your massagers evenly on the stick with central one over your mark.
  • Mark the center points for two other octopuses. With 18’’ rod you will have your massagers overlap and positioned roughly 1-1 ½’’ from the end of rubber handles.
  • Drill holes in the plunger stick. The hole should be slightly larger than your screw size.
  • Insert screw into the fender washer, then into “belly” of the octopus, then another fender washer and insert this “sandwich” into the drilled hole. You can use a hammer (be gentle) to help the crew getting in to the hole.
  • Secure screw with a nut using your fingers. Tighten the nut by holding it with a wrench or pliers and using screw driver on the other side.
  • Voila, your personal fascia wonder stick is ready!

Now nothing holds you back from working your fascia, breaking your cellulite deposits and blasting fat cells.


And, please, share your success or fails on making your personal fascia massager in comments below, as it can help others.

See More Here: http://www.wellnessgeeky.com/homemade-fascia-blaster-alternative-diy


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